Join us for our Meat Raffle Saturday August 17th at 1:30 pm.

652 Andover St, Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843, United States

(978) 687-7274

Elks Lodge #65, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Welcome to Elks Lodge #65 of Lawrence, Massachusetts

Special Attention to the Members

At the July 16th meeting:

Elections of Officers were held.

Results for the offices of:


       Esteemed Lecturing Knight - Joe Spanos

       3yr. Trustee - Alan Renny


Welcome your new Officers when you see them in the Lodge.


It's that time of year again!     Yup!

It's time to pay your Dues.

Dues are required to be paid prior to April 1st!

    Anyone who's dues are not paid by that date, 

                will have their Key Card shut off!

                              No Dues - No Entry!

Members Dues:                                                          $75.00

Life Members/Honerary Life Members:    $40.00

Locker Rental:                                                             $15.00

Make a Donation to: Elks National Fund (ENF)

Upcoming Special Events

New Members Lounge Hours


Effective February 1st, 2019

New Members Lounge Hours

Monday thru Friday: 

The Members Lounge will open at 12 Noon 

and Close at 10pm.


The Members Lounge will open at 11:30

and Close at 10pm.


The Members Lounge will open at 12 Noon 

and Close at 10pm.

All closing times are at the Bartenders Discretion.

Per: The House Committee 1/15/2019

Scholarship Awards


Three Card Cover for Scholarships:  

Three Card Cover for Scholarships is 

on vacation for the summer! 

Join us in September on Friday Nights in the members lounge.    

7:30 pm start time. 

The proceeds from these games fund our Scholarship Program to aid our students in paying outrageous college fees.  We take all the proceeds collected and divide them between the students that fill out our 

applications for assistance,

Every little bit helps to ease the accumulation of student loan debt.

Come down and play to help us raise the funds to give some relief to our over burdened students.

Thank You!

Where's the Beef?


Meat Raffles:

Held in the Members Lounge

The next Meat Raffle is:

Saturday - August 17th!

The fun Starts at 1:30pm

12 Prizes will be raffled off.

There will also be a 50/50 game.

For the first part of the year the proceeds of the Meat Raffle go towards the    

ENF Fund (Elks National Fund).   

Some of the Grants go toward the "Someone Cares Package Party" which gives less fortunate and homeless people a back pack loaded with snacks, personal hygiene products, hats and gloves etc.  

Another Grant helps our keep our Veterans warm with hats and gloves and allows us to serve them dinners a few tiimes a year.  All of these Grants are the possible through the hard work of Rick Restivo and his crew if helpers. 

Come win some meat!

Special Events


Monthly P.E.R. Cookout is as follows:



See you in SEPTEMBER when the Sport Night Dinners return!


Coming up in September Fall Haul Raffle!


Another first time Annual 

 Lawrence Elks Raffle

Friday September 27th 

at 6:30pm in the Main Hall.

Come on down, get your tickets to the biggest and best Raffle around.   

You get your "Ticket Packet" for $50. and in that packet you get tickets for all 19 Raffles.  There are a total of 198 Prizes and one person will win the 50/50 for a nice stack of CA$H.


Everybody is invited 

(Members or Non-members)

The BAR will be open for Adult Beverages.

Don't forget to bring Snacks, Pizza or even Sandwiches.

TICKETS will be on sale at the door and the door will be open at 5:00pm

Don't miss out on this amazing Raffle!

Bring Family, Friends, Neighbors and even some Strangers.

People are still talking about the prizes from the SRING FLING RAFFLE!

Weekly 50/50 GYM Raffle


New 50/50 Format!!!

On Summer Break for now!

A Limited Number of Tickets will be sold for each Drawing to Guarantee a Richer Payout!

Get your ticket from the Bartender,

Biff Moriarty or Frank Allen.

Join us for the DRAWING every Saturday between 4pm and 5pm.

Also, "DONATIONS" of any denomination 

will be greatly appreciated.  

Please, send in or drop off your donations in cash or check payable to: "Elks #65" with a notation:

"Gym Upgrade" 


Lawrence Elks #65

652 Andover Street

Lawrence, MA.  01843

Attn. Donna Higson!


Big Events


The Anual Someone Cares Package Party was a huge success.

If you have never seen the good side of caring, loving, giving people, you should come to the upcoming Someone Cares Package Party.    A movement imagined by a local Realtor, Deb Carberry Johns, who just wanted to give something back and to help some of the unfortunate people in our community.  It started with her assembling some basic necessities in her office and has since grown larger every year, well beyond her wildest dreams.   The party is now in its 7th year, and escalated to a point that it now requires a 7,000 square foot hall here a the Lawrence Elks.  

Between the huge increase of donations and the ever growing band of Deb's Elves, the program has grown into a massive production line of people of all ages that give up some time to help pack thousands of back packs to be distributed  to all the local shelters and less fortunate homeless in the area.   Deb approached the Elks hoping to make use  of some space and we happily hopped on board the party, donating the space and with a Grant from the ENF (Elks National Fund) purchased some of the gifts filling those packages.

We announced to our members that any help would be appreciated, and without pause, some of our own selfless volunteers jumped at the chance to pack these gifts of love.   It does the heart good to see people of all ages sharing this experience.    Whole families, and in my case my own children and grandchildren took part to show true compassion and love.  

So, come on down to the Lawrence Elks on Sunday, December 11th and show your love, you'll be glad you did.

By: Rich Kenney

What are the Organizations that Benifit from this Event.

1.  During the summer we hold a Veterans Outing and Cookout to give something back to our Forgotten Hero's and to help them feel appreciated.

2.  For the past few years we have worked with Deb Carberry to purchase Misc. goods and products and to host the "Someone Cares Package Party" that gives backpacks filed with snacks, water, hats, gloves, and personal hygene products to the needy and homeless. Please check out the Home Page of this Website and read about how and whom it helps, and check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery to see the Volunteers of all ages, in action, helping to assemble these lifesaving care packages.  I will inform everyone thru this Website when the next party happens, so you too can come down and help, it will make your heart swell with joy.

3.   The Elementry School Sneaker Grant. This is where we puchase 60 to 70 pairs of sneakers from the New Balance Company at an amazing discount to help us give away, to these less fortunate elmentry students, a nice new pair of Sneakers for school.  No one should feel ashamed of their clothing as a kid, no one.

4.  This year we are also joining forces with the Nevins Library to help fund some of their amazing programs to help kids explore the world of education and knowledge.  

Final Notes:

A lot of hard work and planning goes in to pulling off these events and I want to thank Rick Restivo for all his hard work to write these Grants, to promote our Lodge's Benevolence and coordinating these many amazing events by getting volunteers like me to climb aboard the Giving Train.  Wouldn't you like to come with us for a life changing ride?

Results of our Donations to ENF